Medical Cases

Image Custom Cases has been designing and manufacturing Custom Built Transportation Environment solutions specifically for the medical industry for nearly 20 years. With over 200 customers across the globe needing to protect and transport all sorts of tremendously important, precise, and uniquely specific equipment, Image Custom Cases has been the go-to trusted solution for protection and reliability across the medical device industry, case after case. 


Your medical equipment deserves the best protection money can buy.

All Image Medical Cases are precision CAD engineered to each customer’s specific requirements, manufactured with the industries latest CNC technology, and assembled by hand by tenured craftsmen right here in central Massachusetts, for every customer. With an extra emphasis on ‘thinking outside the box’ Image is a trusted adviser and not just a ‘Big Box store’. We offer reliable design and solutions for our clients far beyond the ‘box’.

Most medical equipment can be very delicate, often costing into the 100’s of thousands of dollars, and generally needs to be transported and accessed with seamless efficiency and unwavering reliability. Most industrial clients spend between 5-7% of the equipment value on casing equipment. Choosing the right protection for some of your most important assets, should never be overlooked.

Often those industries who “settle” with crating or OEM boxes find themselves settling damage claims with their insurance companies! With decades of experience, and a continuous investment in the latest technology/tools and manufacturing best practices, there is no piece of equipment too unique, and usually no environment too demanding for a custom-built Image Case.  

Medical Device Cases

Image Custom Cases designs and constructs custom shipping crates and containers to house large medical instruments such as Ultrasound units, Mobile X-Ray units, Surgical Robots, etc. These crates and containers are designed to provide easy access with features such as ramp doors, hinged lids and lift off lids. These are all simple to operate and ergonomically friendly. All while being able to withstand repeated, long trips in harsh environments.  

  • Endoscope Cases 
  • Medical Imaging Cases 
  • Blood Bank Cases 
  • Power Pack Cases 
  • Patient Monitoring Cases 

Medical Technician Workstations

The medical industry is a fast-paced industry that has special needs in the packaging industry. With machines values sometimes in the millions, we must take special care in quality, functionality and accuracy. As with any technological equipment, specifications can change rapidly and often require special modifications. We have over 20 years of experience building cases that transport all kinds of equipment, ranging from surgical navigation systems to cosmetic photography equipment.  

Tradeshow Cases & Display Boxes

Tradeshows are unique in that they are often shipped by common freight and handled by dock personnel and heavy machinery at many stops. This means that they must be TOUGH! Our ½” series is the heaviest in the industry and is matched by none.  With some standard options being fork tubes, wheel protectors with steel or aluminum fork protection, and custom colors with color logos.  

These cases are all about getting the equipment there safely and undamaged, while making loading the equipment simpler. Saving time and labor cost on the tradeshow floor. Why settle with basic crating when a custom case will get you and your staff in and out much faster… 

OEM Cases

Our clients often need to ship their prototypes or other equipment repeatedly, making corrugated and crating a difficult option. We have made many cases to carry a wide range of equipment ranging from computers and laptops to LCD monitors and projectors. Whatever your needs may be, our engineering team can help you design your next project. We offer OEM products that will have your own logo and custom labels attached.