Acrylic Counter Guards

Our custom acrylic counter guards (aka sneeze guards) protect your customers and employees, allowing you to stay in business longer.

Image Custom Antivirus Hardware

Sterile grade cast acrylic

    Most other products are extruded acrylic which does not have the same properties as Cast such as the following:
  • Closest advertising to customer at check-out
    Solvent & Alcohol Safe (Cleaning and disinfecting)
  • 30 year Sunlight Fade Proof – Never yellows
  • Crystal Clear – Non-intrusive
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Lightweight & Rigid
  • ¼ inch thick vs lower quality 3/16 (flimsy at size)
  • Scratch resistance
  • Crystal Cut branding and logo
  • No water absorption
  • Good electrical and UV resistivity
  • Highest level of Scratch resistance


  • Local Business
  • Locally produced product
  • Largest amount of materials in stock
  • Extremely limited stock elsewhere
  • Agile turn around production time
  • Precision CNC manufactured
  • Customization and Branding/Logo option
  • Custom sizing available
  • 1:1 customer service
  • Installation available
  • Non-permanent easy installation
    • Applied with automotive tape
    • Does not damage counter tops
    • Cannot be removed or tipped accidentally, but can be removed eventually without permanent damage
  • Sneeze and Cough protection for customer and retail associates
  • Urgency!
    • Cast acrylic is being sold out everywhere
    • Online products will be out of stock or not available due to overseas manufacturing

Pricing Information


These are easily installed by customer or rep, but we can have one of our techs install if requested.

$50 per site $20 per unit