industrial Cases

Industrial cases can range from tool and die cases to prototype devices that have no specifications drawn yet. We are well versed in consulting with clients and engineers to come up with designs for local or worldwide shipping. We can import all types of CAD drawings and render in 3D for a very realistic model that will make sense to anyone that needs to see it. 


Your industrial and technical equipment deserves the best protection money can buy.


The Aerospace Industry requires critical tolerances while demanding maximum reliability. We design and manufacture precision-built cases conforming to ATA (Air Transport Association) Specification 300, Category I, II, and III parameters to be in compliance with the MIL SPEC, ATA, or FAA regulations for safe and secure storage and transportation of critical equipment. Using in-house CAD facilities, we help develop the right product to protect and ship precious cargo based around our customers’ requirements. We understand that quality is key, therefore all of our products are made to the highest standards and are subject to ISO9001 quality checks. 

  • Avionics & Instrumentation Cases 
  • Military Aircraft Cases 
  • Oxygen Storage Cases 
  • Transport Containers 
  • Drone Cases 


With so many sensitive moving parts, high-end robotics applications need robust and detailed custom cases to move around safely. We can work off of industry standard CAD designs of your hardware to provide an elegant and durable custom solution to protect your delicate machinery in transit.

Need a tool cubby? Extra space for spare components? No problem, our bespoke designs can incorporate all of your project’s needs.


Trade show cases are unique in that they are often shipped by common freight companies and repeatedly handled by dock personnel using heavy machinery, and sometimes questionable concern for ‘finesse’ if you will, regardless of the value of their contents. These cases have to look good, but they also have to be TOUGH! Image trade show cases come with standard options such as wheel protectors and steel or aluminum fork protection to address the rigors of the road. Your cases will be tailor made to ensure even the most delicate of equipment arrives safely and undamaged, with a design that makes loading the equipment simpler, saving time, frustration, and labor cost. Even beyond this, are the multitude of customizations we offer to drive that initial impression and represent your brand in its best light, from the very first moment of unpacking. 

Shipping and Crating

Shipping means your equipment is handled and transferred by dock personnel and heavy machinery at sometimes many stops. This means that that your cases must be TOUGH! With some standard options being fork tubes, wheel protectors and steel or aluminum fork protection, these cases are often all about getting the equipment there safely and undamaged while making loading the equipment simpler which saves on time and labor cost 


  • Keep your equipment safe and secure 
  • Quick and easy packing and unpacking 
  • Labor saving 
  • Stay organized with all your tools and equipment