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Medical Device Cases

Image Custom Cases has been designing and manufacturing custom-built Transportation Environment solutions specifically for the medical industry for nearly 20 years. With over 200 customers across the globe needing to protect and transport all sorts of tremendously important, precise, and uniquely specific equipment, Image Custom Cases has been the go-to trusted solution for protection and reliability across the medical device industry, case after case. 


Industrial cases can range from tool and die cases to prototype devices that have no specifications drawn yet. We are well versed in consulting with clients and engineers to come up with a design for local or worldwide shipping. we can import all types of CAD drawings and render in 3D for a very realistic model that will make sense to anyone that needs to see it. Once a design is agreed on, our in house engineers and state of the art CNC manufacturing process can create real life solutions for even the most demanding application. 

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The Pro event industry in an industry with an extreme amount of day to day use. Our clients are interested in durability ease of use, truck packing and of course equipment safety and protection. We have many industry standard designs as well as some very innovative in-house designs to offer. With 30+ years of experience in the production business we are also users of the same gear you use, we get it! We can easily work with your team to design your cases to fit your transportation needs. We draw everything in CAD with 3 D modeling to make sure everything fits perfectly.